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What do I need to do to show your intention to work at YAGER?

First, we invite you to check out our current open public roles that are posted on our career page. If you find a position that you are interested in and believe you have the right skill set for the job, hit the application button! 

Which documents am I expected to hand in when applying?

Except for a CV, we don’t have any mandatory documents in our application form. Other than that, we would love to know more about what motivates you to be a part of our team. But how? A cover letter is the best way to demonstrate that.  

Depending on the position you’re applying for it would be essential to hand in a portfolio, examples of your work legacy or complementary information like links to your Social Media profiles (e.g. GitHub, Artstation, LinkedIn, etc…). 

Finally, please send your applications in English. As our official working language is English, this would ensure that everybody is able to read your CVs and cover letters. 


Can I apply to more than one position at the same time?

Feel free to apply for any positions that you feel you would be a good fit for. But, after a possible initial stage we will only be able to have candidates active in one process at a time. We always look at each application separately. 

Job postings & Openings

What if I don’t see a matching position?

We are always looking for talented new team members and regularly update our website with new positions. So, if you don’t find a match today, check our website again soon and there might be a new opportunity for you! 

I haven’t seen a matching position, but I really want to be a part of Yager. Can I submit a speculative application?

We currently do not accept speculative applications. All our open positions are posted on our website and applying for them is the only official way to participate in our selection process. 

If you don’t find a matching opportunity but you still feel you could be a great addition to the team, we encourage you to reach out to one of our Talent Acquisition team members on LinkedIn to build a bridge for future opportunities. 

Do you offer internships for students?

We do offer internships, when available they will be posted on our career page and will have a selection process as any other open position. 

Interns need to have a minimum availability of six months to e eligible and need to be on-site in Berlin. 

Interview & Application process

What does the application process look like?

We offer a variety of positions. Therefore, the process can be slightly different depending on the position. 

The general process follows the following milestones: 

  • Initial stage – Introduction & General Assessment: Everything starts with an online application, if selected you will be invited to an initial conversation with one of our People & Culture team members for a first interview with the objective of aligning and finding clarity on the most essential aspects of the job, motivation and organizational aspects.  
  • Expert stage – Craft Assessment: At this stage you will have the chance to meet team members of the discipline you are applying for. Here you will deep dive and share your legacy and knowledge when it comes to your craft expertise. There may be also a test stage depending on the discipline that you are applying for (Engineering, Art, Business Intelligence, etc…). 
  • Culture stage – Behavioral & Cultural Assessment: This stage is composed of three interviews held by duos (two interviewers). Each of the interviews are connected to one of our core values and will have a behavioral approach to it. 
  • Offer stage: When candidates reach this stage we jump into a reference check process, if positive move to a verbal offer followed by a written offer. 



How long does the application process take?

Although we try to be as quick as possible, each process varies depending on the number of applicants, and the availability of the interviewers. The number of interviews may differ from position to position. In average, whole process may take around 40 days from first interview to written offer. 

Feel free to reach out to us regarding your application at any time. 

We will always communicate to you if you have been successful or not after every step of the process. 

YAGER is a company based in Berlin. Does it mean I need to speak German in the interviews?

At YAGER, we have employees from more than 25 nationalities, and to ensure that every single team member is included, our official company language is English. All the recruitment process, communications, and your work once onboard will be in English. 

How can I prepare for an interview with YAGER?

We want to get to know you and your motivation to join us. As our interviews are often held online, make sure to check your camera and microphone, and ensure you are calling from a stable connection. 

We encourage you to do some research on our company history, culture and games – this will help you feel prepared, confident and leave an initial good impression. 

In more advanced stages of the selection process is important for you to reflect on past experiences and examples so you are able to share them in a structured clear way when asked on them.  

We're hiring!

Want to join us? Check out our Open Positions section.





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Phone: +49 30 695976-60
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For all media and press inquiries, please send an e-mail to For employment opportunities, please use the application process in our careers section only. Speculative applications sent to this address will not be forwarded or answered.