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Should I apply in German or in English?
As our company language is English and we have colleagues from 20 different nations, an application in English is required. This also means you should be able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and written. German language skills are not required.

What would qualify as practical or theoretical work samples?
A work sample could be anything showing relevant work you've done, depending on your chosen discipline. For example, a game design document, a link to the games/projects you worked on with a description of how you contributed, code samples, art work etc.

Whom can I address my application to?
The HR team will forward it to the persons involved in the application process. You can simply address your application to the HR Team.

Is it possible to send an employment reference in German or do they need to be in English?
Generally, there's no need for references in English. If necessary, we will ask for it.
How long is an internship at your company?
Our internships last 6 months and are full-time. Shorter periods are impractical for us, as it takes time to grow into the role and contribute meaningfully to the project.

Do you also offer school internships?
Unfortunately, we do not, as we require our applicants to be older than 18, and our internships last 6 months.

Are internships paid?
Yes, all our internships are paid.

When is the best time to apply for an internship?
Internship openings get posted in the job openings sections just like any other openings we have here at YAGER. So the best way to keep informed about whether we are looking for interns is to check up on our website from time to time.

Are interns offered a permanent position after their internship?
This depends on project needs and on the intern's performance. In the past we were able to offer approximately 95% of our interns a regular work contract.

What skills are required for an internship?
It's beneficial if you can show us some work samples. There is no specific skill set required, but it is advantageous if you have experience with standard industry tools such as Unreal Engine, C++ (for programmers), Maya (for animators), 3dsmax (for artists) etc.

What sort of tools, operating systems, platforms and languages can I expect to work with as a programmer?
C++, Visual Studio 2015, C#, Python, Windows, depending on the project, as well as tasks on the XBox One and PS4. We do use other languages as well, but the ones mentioned will be used about 97% of the time in your day-to-day work.

Is it possible to gain experience in different departments during the internship?
Yes and no. When you apply for an internship you need to choose one discipline to work in. However, as we work in an open environment, you will interact with many other disciplines and have the opportunity to learn from them.

What kind of work environment can I expect?
We often have only one intern per department. You will be working in interdisciplinary teams as a full member of the team. During your time as an intern you will have a mentor who introduces you to our workflows and the programs we are working with.